Our HOA needs help

Because I live in the land of the HOA (South Orange County) I hear this complaint constantly. My knee jerk reaction is to agree with the complainant but the more measured approach is to ask, “why”? Is the Manager mishandling funds? It happens. Are only using venders in which they have an interest? Happens even more. Is the management company too large? Probably. Do they treat you like a customer, instead of a boss? Probably.

The need for products like documents, complaints, work orders, payments, and other contacts to be made digitally for convenience seems to have come at the expense of a personal contact at your management company. HOA managers used to be be problem solvers, points of contact, and listeners to their bosses (association members) If you feel that your manager doesn’t like to answer correspondence, and when they do there is an arrogant or dismissive tone it is because they have been trained to work only “online” and are not accustomed or equipped to handle people.

We take great pride in our ability to not only manage your online needs but your personal needs. We would like to inherit your problems and pride ourselves in our customer service Standard of Service. Call us today for an appointment.