Cigarette Smoke?

Does the property smell like Cigarette smoke? Maybe the house smells like a particular cooking spice, or mildew. Have no fear there is a solution that doesn’t require new drywall, loads of paint, and permits from the city.

The solution is an Ozone Machine. This smallish machine can be placed into a residential or commercial unit, and set to run for a specific amount of time. The amount of time the unit needs to clear out the odor depends greatly on the size of the unit, and the size of the space getting cleared however it is certain that no human should be inside the space while it is running. It’s critical to close up the home, and clear out so the Ozone Machine can do its job. Although this amazing solution does wonders it won’t solve all of your problems. Items like curtains, drapes, and other cloth materials will need to be washed as the Ozone Machine tends to work best on drywall and furniture but not so good on fabric.

The final question is always cost. It has been sometime since we used this machine (ten years) but I remember it was about 3 days, and nearly $800 dollars to clear a 1,400 sq ft home. A painting bill would have been closer to $4,000 and there is no telling if it would have worked.

I can personally attest that these machines work. Contact us if you feel it may be necessary for your unit.